Money from me
Ways in which I lend money and conditions

In difficulties

If there is some reason that would benefit you such as paying for some exam, while you are not earning or some health related situations. I will give money without expecting the money back, on the condition that the money needs to be spent reasonably over the stated reason.

Normal reason

If you casually need money for some reason, and I have some money with me I am happy to give.
Condition: Before I give a big amount, I will give a smaller amount and if you pay me back in time with your own initiative, I would give the a bigger amount. Also, you will payback at least small amount (3 - 10%) as the first installment. And increase the amount as your financial situation improves.

Money for Business

If you need money for any business, the conditions for the personal loan of a bank needs to be met. I do not expect interest.
Last modified 1yr ago