Money to me
If you have given money to me.
I would like to payback money in one of the following ways. I do remember the money received and periodically check with them about when I would give them back. I believe I have paid back all (90%) the people I need to pay, so far.

1 During emergency

If something urgent came up on your end, kindly let me know. I am happy to pay back as soon as possible.

2 In installments

If I owe a bigger amount, I will start paying small amount to build confidence in you. Slowly, I will increase the amount and would complete the payment in full in a reasonable time frame.
For example,
I received 10k from you, I will give 500 - 1000 rupees as a starting amount, no matter my financial situation.
Period (e.g. Months)
5 - 10 % (regardless of my financial situation)
5 - 10 % + increment (If my financial situation improved)
3 ...
same as above

3 All at once

If I have taken money from you in small amounts, I would give that back as one time amount.
For example, I received 10, 10, 20 at various occasions, I pay 10+10+20=40 at once.
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